Learn how to Position your business to get a YES from key corporate decision makers

You position yourself as an EXPERT

The 4 Ps of Successful Connections with Corporate
(Even if you’ve never stepped foot in a Corporation)

In this training, you will learn how to:

  • Stand out and get noticed by the Corporate Decision Makers that hire outside vendors. 
  • Speak about what you do or offer in a way that clearly articulates the solution your business offers 
  • Communicate with Decision Makers to set yourself up for repeat business. 
  • Connect with the Gatekeeper and have them assist you in getting the meeting with the Corporate Decision Maker 
  • Take advantage of the increased recognition that will come your way when you work with corporations. 
  • How to handle a BIG Discovery session so you get all the information you need to know who will make the ultimate decision to hire you. 

I have been one of the Decision Makers you’re trying to get hire you…AND I am now a small business owner who gets BIG Corporate Contracts.  I will give you the inside scoop of what compelled me to hire you and what had me close the door and say “no way.” 

Don’t waste another minute wondering if you have anything to offer corporate.