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This month we have been talking about the stickiness of intentions verses the traditional New Years Resolution.  Intentions speak to a bigger purpose, the bigger why behind your desire.   Resolutions traditionally are based on “shoulds”   We’ve heard from a number of... read more

Here’s why intentions are stickier than goals

People get so frustrated when they set these BIG New Year’s Resolutions for the year and then don’t follow through on them. And the thing that kills me is they do it over and over and over again. Do that enough and you teach yourself that you can’t... read more

The 10th Principle of BIG Picture Leaders is FUN!!!

The 10th Principle of BIG Picture Leaders is to Bring FUN into all you do. Whether brainstorming new solutions, addressing challenges, or managing day-to-day activities, the element of fun provides energy to move through everything on our plate. The team that finds... read more

There is a leader inside every one of us

Truly, leaders come in all shapes and sizes, socio-economic groups, sexual orientation, introverts, extroverts, amibverts…and every single one of them is needed for this world to have balance and harmony. This month we have been talking about the 9th Principle of BIG... read more

Don’t follow the fly’s strategy!!

The 9th Principle of BIG Picture Leaders is to Create opportunities for your employees to shine. When grooming your employees to have greater impact and rise through the ranks, it’s your job as their leader to help them determine how they can make the greatest... read more

Do you realize the impact you have?

The 8th Principle of BIG Picture Leaders is to Acknowledge employees for their action and positive example. Acknowledging employees for their efforts and ideas is a sign of a confident leader. It encourages contributions from everyone rather than a select few. It... read more

The woman in seat 25 B

This month I have been talking about the 7th Principle of BIG Picture Leaders – Show Your Team Members You Care About Them. Recently I was heading out for a quick vacation and was given the opportunity to see the impact of a boss that didn’t show his direct report he... read more

Once again, Richard Branson nails it!

The 7th Principle of BIG Picture Leaders is to Show Your Team Members You Care About Them. Being the leader that others notice and line up behind requires showing your employees that you care about them and their best interests. This creates deep loyalties, trust,... read more

Does self-care really impact the money you make?

Do you struggle with consistently practicing self-care? If you are like most people your answer would be yes. I am going to share my story of finding the right balance of self-care for me with you because it is so important not only to your health but also to the... read more

Inspirational Leaders

If I said “Inspirational Leaders” to you, who would be first few people to pop into your mind? Martin Luther King Eleanor Roosevelt Oprah Winfrey Bono …are names that I hear frequently. I also hear names of fictional characters: Atticus Finch Katniss Everdeen... read more

Richard Branson says it best

The 4th Principle of BIG Picture Leaders is to Model Self Care. Self-care is the birthplace of innovation. When you care for yourself, you are more resilient and creative. You become a higher performer in all areas. Over the years I have gotten a lot of push back from... read more

Strong Leader Poor Vision or…

The 6th principle of BIG Picture Leaders is to Lead from a Clear Vision. Much of the time leading from a clear vision will call for you to be less concerned with what has been done before and focus more on what you want to achieve. With the changing trends in business... read more