Once again, Richard Branson nails it!

The 7th Principle of BIG Picture Leaders is to Show Your Team Members You Care About Them.

Being the leader that others notice and line up behind requires showing your employees that you care about them and their best interests. This creates deep loyalties, trust, higher performance, and dedication to achieving shared goals.

People confuse this to mean that it is important for everyone on your team like you. That is not what I am saying here. Your team members don’t need another BFF, they already have one. What they are looking for is someone who cares about them and their career goals.

Being truly interested in them and their career aspirations goes a long way in building a deep level of trust and loyalty. So how can you do this without appearing like you are jockeying to be their new best friend? Well there are many ways you can show your team members that you care.

For example:

  • Make time to mentor them. (I don’t mean with hours and hours of your time, but rather little moments throughout the week.) Guiding them to see how their role/level of performance impacts the bigger picture of the company.
  • Help them build a career not just what is needed for their next promotion.
  • Have them lead a meeting you would normally handle.
  • Ask for their opinion.
  • And the list goes on and on…

Once again, Richard Branson nails it!

Show your employees you care - r. branson (1)

Richard speaks to the power of creating raving fans out of your employees first so collectively you can create raving fans out of your customer base.

How you treat your employees goes a long way in defining how you are seen as a leader. One that others choose to follow and support,OR the one they will go to great lengths to avoid, including finding another job.

Show your team members you care and watch:
– their performance improve,
– your relationship with them deepen,
– as you all achieve higher levels of success together.

Here’s to the Power of Showing You Care!