We specialize in guiding executives and small business owners to become trusted, respected, and highly sought after leaders. We help companies drive profit by fully utilizing their employees and developing a company culture that has people lining up at the door to work with them.


• If you only focus on the bottom line you are missing out on one of your biggest resources.

• BIG Picture Leaders meet or exceed their numbers while nurturing their direct reports to higher levels of performance.


They are today’s industry leaders.

The ones driving innovation, bringing greater meaning to the work they do and drawing industry attention to their role and the company they work for.

All of which leads to increased profits, cutting edge solutions and deeper loyalties.


Belinda Pruyne

Executive Leadership Advisor, Speaker, and Coach

These principles were developed by Belinda Pruyne, a leading authority in guiding global executives and visionary business owners across Fortune 500 and start-up companies to extraordinary personal growth and professional success.

As Founder and CEO of Business Innovation Group, a strategic coaching and consulting firm, Belinda Pruyne leverages three decades of award-winning expertise and visionary leadership principles of BIG Picture Leaders to transform executives, small business owners, and their teams from smart tacticians, into trusted, respected, and highly regarded leaders.

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Belinda’s depth of business specialization, is rooted in the client services industry, and includes her role as an EVP Global Director of Creative Management for Grey Worldwide. Where Belinda directed, and transformed one of the largest, multi-million dollar creative divisions in the world (80 offices, 500 employees.)

A sought-after keynote speaker who inspires audiences in Corporate America, Non-Profit and Academia, Pruyne is known for her ability to articulate the challenges and opportunities of being a leader in today’s global marketplace, designing strategies that transform teams into industry recognized leaders.

When she is not working at BIG, you can find her enjoying nature, crafting or binge watching The Cross.


June Baloutine

Leadership Advisor

June is a well-seasoned professional, inspired to help individuals and business owners meet and exceed their potential, guiding them to discover and develop their strengths. Her vast expertise includes working at BBDO New York, as the SVP, Director of Creative Operations, where she managed over 200 people, and developed a multi-department infrastructure to improve collaboration and drive excellence in employee performance.

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June recognized there was a need for this same type of organizational development for business owners. This led her to create a consulting business, where she partnered with business owners to guide them to dynamic growth in their companies.

At Business Innovation Group, she uses her combined expertise to help small business owners and large corporations solve employee, structural, and productivity issues, and develop systems to reduce costs, to improve their bottom line.

When she is not working for BIG you can find June in her garden and tending to her three parrots.

Kristin Seely

Leadership Advisor

Kristin brings her passion and experience for helping professionals find their most rewarding path to us at BIG. With over twenty years of guiding careers through her work in Human Resources, Recruiting, and Career Coaching, she has worked with every level of professional and is committed to making a difference for people as well as guiding them towards what truly fulfills them the most.

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The majority of her career was spent at Grey Worldwide, as VP Creative Manager where she supervised all aspects of the daily operation of Grey’s 300+ person Creative, Production, Casting, Music and Creative Technology Departments. 

Over the years, both at Grey and at several other top NYC agencies, she became the “go to” resource for solving complex employee issues, organizational structure, talent & team management, and leadership development.  She also brings this expertise to Molloy College where she is an Adjunct Professor of HR Management, HR Law and HR Compensation & Benefits. 

When Kristin is not helping others excel in their roles you can find her creating fun and meaningful family adventures with her husband and their twins, or singing professionally on the weekends in one of her several bands. 

Tiffany Manley

Online Business Manager
and Client Concierge

Tiffany brings her expertise and laser focus to all we do at Business Innovation Group. She has been a trusted “go to” resource for several online business owners over the years, leading teams during many multiple six-figure online and book launches. Her specialty is creating organization, structure and flow for a smoother run business. She spends her time away from work traveling to dance competitions with her daughter.